FSC® Certification

Hadley Printing has been an FSC® Certified printer since May 2008, providing a solid foundation in our commitment to the conservation and responsible management of our natural resources. By partnering with Hadley Printing you too can demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

The FSC’s mission is to improve the world’s forests through responsible forest management and documented chain-of-custody protocols for forest materials. Hadley Printing’s facility management and documentation systems have been FSC® approved. Hadley Printing will continue to ensure that our processes and materials are as green as it gets.

Treading Lightly

As a society we are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental and social issues. Hadley Printing shares those concerns and understands that we have a responsibility to care for our company, our clients and our community. Here are some of the steps that Hadley Printing takes in order to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Vegetable based inks are standard in our facility
  • We offer a wide variety of recycled papers in various colors, finishes and textures
  • Reducing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) throughout the plant
  • Managing waste throughout production
  • Aggressive recycling paper and cardboard program
  • Approximately 50% of our energy needs are serviced by Hydroelectricity

As Green As It Gets

Hadley Printing’s commitment includes ongoing planning and implementation of new environmental practices and we embrace new technologies that will improve our ability to be as green as it gets.

Hadley Printing